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Home Inpections
The visual home inspection process usually takes 2-4 hours. We inspect framing (structure), walls (concrete), kitchen, roof & attic, electrical system, bathrooms & plumbing, foundation, HVAC systems, and all conveying appliances. Additional items and unique systems can also be inspected.
Our comprehensive approach will give you the peace of mind you deserve.  
Mold Inspection
Mold is everywhere, it comes into our homes on pets, people, and lots of other ways. When it gets into a dark damp indoor area it can begin to grow and that can pose potential health risks to you and your family. Mold can also drastically alter the sale price of a house. Getting an inspection can let you know if something needs to be done or if you have a clean bill of health. 
Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging is a powerful and non-invasive way to assess and diagnose problems with buildings. Thermal imaging can visualize energy losses, detect missing or defective insulation, find air leaks, find moisture, help detect mold, detect breaches in pipes, and detect electrical faults.  Thermal imaging camera is the one tool that really lets you SEE it all. It is an excellent service to provide relevant information to home owners for existing homes as well as building experts for new constructions projects. 
New Construction
Building a home is a complex process and an expensive investment. Our non-invasive comprehensive approach will ensure that everything runs smoothly both pre-drywall and the finished product. We provide builder warranty inspections as well as regular sales. Services for new construction are charged by the finished square footage of the final product. Our experience in building and new constructions means we have all the necessary documentation for builders.
"Ed is a very thorough Home Inspector. He provides an excellent service for a great price! With his background as a builder, I trust him and recommend him to all my Buyer clients. "
~ Roxanne Southern, Principal Real Estate Broker ~
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